About Relationship Goals: Barack and Michelle Obama and Dating on Potential

Re: Barack and Michelle Obama’s relationship.

They definitely have what many of us want. They have mutual respect and adoration for each other, they have unity, love and strong family values. They are the epitome of the hashtag #relationshipgoals.

When talking about their story, I often hear men say to us women… “most of you wouldn’t have been a Michelle Obama because she met him when he had nothing, and she accepted him on potential”.

And when I think about that, my response is, “you are definitely correct that he wasn’t President of the U.S., he had not been elected as Senator, and he wasn’t yet the author of two New York Times best selling books, or the successful person he would become, but his “potential” was fierce!”

When she met him, he had graduated from Harvard Law School, he was the first African American President of the Harvard Law Review, he was a young lawyer (drive), he was active in his community(character and compassion), he didn’t come with games, he chose her and apparently he knew what he wanted and he stayed faithful(had he not, the world would have been exposed to his dirty laundry and we would have been told about his infidelities)( commitment). He was an athlete, he was smart, he was funny, and he was going to places not yet seen, but his track record showed real promise.

So while I will agree, she loved him on “potential” that’s the kind of “potential” most any of us would be happy to meet half-way and take our chances on. Let’s keep “potential” in perspective.

They give us hope. They make us believe again. They showed us it can be done in all things amazing. #familyvalues #relationshipgoals #blackloveatitsfinest #marriagegoals

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