Inauguration Day 2017 Blues? Here’s a List of 12 Things You Can Do to Feel Better Now!

by Rhonda E. Frost


Today’s Inauguration Day reality is a heavy thought for so many of us. Emotions and fears are raw and running high on both sides. The transition of power from where we are now, heading into “God only knows what’s to come“, is enough to send prescriptions for Xanax and/or money spent on bottles of Ketel One Vodka and marijuana, into the stratosphere. People are expressing their feelings out loud, all over social media, in the news and on live feeds. Protests are in full effect and more are planned for the weekend. It seems surreal, scary and overwhelming. A movie script in the making.

Biased preface: We are going from a personally scandal free POTUS over the past eight years, who ran on a campaign of hope, positivism, connection and change,  with style, grace, class and intelligence,  who happened to be the most articulate and educated man to probably ever hold the office, and then he happened to be African American to boot! A man whose work gave us: lower gas prices, The Affordable Care Act(ACA aka Obamacare) that helped over 20 million people get health coverage, the lowest unemployment rates in almost two-decades, job growth, real estate market rebound, automotive industry rebound and other accomplishments, not to mention helpful regulations like the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform that protects consumers from greedy mortgage banks and puts restrictions on the banking industry, but also other oversight as a leader. He showed political prowess, kindness, wit, love and compassion, he made women and other under-represented groups more empowered, and he made us believe in the good in people and our Country,  all while handling unprecedented hate and obstruction without missing a step.


A man who is something we have never seen before in civilized politics, much less the U.S. of America. A man who ran(and won) on a campaign of lies,  fear, racism, with Russian hacking, corruption, hate, misogyny, disrespect of disabled people and Gold Star families, hurling Twitter insults and ugly childish banter on social media, all while facing rape charges, fraud charges, confirmed infidelity, being involved in hundreds of lawsuits for a myriad of things, to include claims of cheating workers out of pay, a man with zero political experience and brazen stupidity, taking over our country. The word “baffling” doesn’t begin to capture it. Without sounding cliche’, “it’s enough to make your head spin!”

Alas! Not to worry! There are positive things you can do today and this weekend to keep your spirits high and stay focused on the larger picture and to help you get over, what is.

Here’s a suggested list!

1) Create your Vision Board-write and create the plan that you want for your year and your life for the next 3 to 5 years. Write it out, cut out pictures from magazines and paste them on it and hang it up. Visualize it. Make it plain and real. (I am updating mine now and will show it to you when done). Goal planning lifts spirits and excites the mind.

2) Apply to go back to school, or a vocational certification program that will allow you to make more money and provide more fulfillment. Or if not that, simply update your resume and apply for jobs you are qualified for and send them out. It will make you feel empowered! Pray over it and let it go.

3) Work on your dreams-Do your business plan. Apply for licensing, do the research and go for it. Write those first chapters of the book or script you’ve been wanting to write. Take dance lessons. Make travel plans. It’s an investment in you! Go!

4) Listen to some good music-Marvin Gaye, Michael Jackson, James Brown, Tupac, Eric Bellinger, Mickey Guyton, Prince, Chris Young, Reba McIntyre, Anthony Hamilton, Donnell Jones, Mary J. Blige, Celine Dion, Eric Clampton, Boney James, Leelah Hathaway, Leelah James and a long list of others! Music makes you feel good. Just do it!

5) Plan a special date for a special someone tonight or tomorrow-have a lovely dinner, go out dancing(I plan to do this tonight)-talk, eat some good food, and dance the night away.

6) Go shopping! I don’t know about you, but shopping always makes me feel better. Even it it’s just for some new panties or bras, a pair of shoes, or a new book. It helps! Trust me it helps!

7) Volunteer-Last week my BFF and I went to Hosea Feed the Hungry and Homeless here in our city and volunteered to help with the MLK Jr. dinner event, it gave us both reason to pause and to think about others, their lives and issues. It filled us with more love and compassion for others. Sometimes it helps to get your mind off of what’s happening by helping others.

8) Make love-kiss passionately, hug, snuggle, and do the damn thing-with someone you adore! All sorts of goodness comes from this.(need I say more?)

9) Work out-run at the park, work out at the gym, do yoga, jump rope or anything to get the heart rate going-the endorphins will give you good vibes and energy).

10) Go see a movie or read a good book-I plan to go see “Moonlight” and “Not Your Negro”, I also plan to watch reruns of Martin, Grace and Frankie (such funny shows!).  Those are my choices, but see anything that distracts you, makes you laugh or feel good.

11) Connect spiritually-go to church, a mosque, Temple,  or in sit in your closet. Pray, meditate, listen to ocean sounds or uplifting podcasts on your play list, light candles, or go to the ocean and rent a room and chill.

12) Plan your divisional championship NFL game watch party. This weekend offers some of the best football to be watched all year for the AFC and NFC. Get some wings, order your drinks, gather your friends and watch some amazing football and immerse yourself in the pure excitement of it all. Not too much better than that! Go Steelers!

At the end of the day, President Barack Obama will go down as one of the best Democratic presidents in American history. Facts, changes, statistics and popularity will prove that. We were lucky to have him and to see it unfold in all of it’s glory for the past eight years. It is now time to witness what’s next.

Our lives won’t change much due to this incompetent, unfit, morally bankrupt new administration-no matter how much they threaten, because “we, the people”, still have the power. And we still have control over what happens in our lives and how we spend our time(for the most part). Live your life. Do you! Do it with direction, positive intent and a plan.

Life surely goes on. And when it goes bad(and there may be days when it does) or when they do something dumb(or illegal), remember we have laws, video cameras, writing skills, social media, protests, journalists, lawyers, judges and the power of the people. We shall surely overcome and fight back. We will witness it, good, bad and ugly and we will live to vote again.

So pick one or any of these suggested activities and enjoy your day, your weekend and the next 4 years, despite the obvious.